Unto the breach recap

I usually try to do something witty with the recaps, but so much happened in this episode & I’m so excited to write about it, I just can’t think of anything witty.  First off Grandma & Grandpa Gilmore sang a song they wrote to Rory during a party they threw for her.  I guess the writers are trying to make the transition easier for us, as I’ve already written about how stars singing karaoke is the kiss of death, but even that couldn’t ruin the episode.  Grandpa Gilmore is in fine form again, I guess they didn’t have time to explain why he had been so cranky lately. Logan proposed to Rory in front of everyone, it reminded me of “Friends” where Monica says Rachel always tries to steal her thunder.  Rory had a classic Rory freak out, what should I do moment & said that she would have to think about it.  This was so reminiscent of when Dean first told her that he loved her & then they broke up. Rory eventually decided that she wanted to have the whole world open to her & Logan said we either get married or break up, so they broke up.

In other news that also isn’t witty, I think I’m glad that Luke & Lorelai didn’t get married last season.  It would’ve been interesting to see what happened, but then the fans would’ve blamed it for the end of the show, which often happens when the love interests of a story finally get together.  I don’t know if we will see a full Luke/Lorelai reconciliation next week, but I really hope it doesn’t end like Seinfeld.

I especially liked how true to college graduation they were.  I was hoping that they would be realistic & they were, Rory didn’t give a speech.  In fact, few people even clapped or noticed. I thought that Christiane Amanpour was going to be at Rory’s graduation, but I guess that comes next week. My favorite part is that Stars Hallow was so upset that they all couldn’t see Rory’s graduation that they are going to re-enact it next week! What did you think of tonight’s episode?  How many times did you get teary eyed? (four for me).

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4 thoughts on “Unto the breach recap

  1. julie carobini

    O what would I do without your recap tonight? There’s a fire in the area (not close to here at all really) but the news broke in during the first 10 min of GG–and never returned to the show. Sigh.

  2. Jaime

    Stars Hollow has not had something that was truly small-town-quirky in a while, & i think the graduation reenactment is a fine way to get back to that. still can’t believe the show is actually going to end next week though.

  3. Trish Ryan

    This is the first time I’ve ever been glad to have class on Tuesday nights. I’m too emotional to watch series finales. I choked up just reading your recap!


  4. Virginia

    After I heard Paris’ voice catch when she told Rory she was ‘really going to do great things’ or however she phrased it…I was an emotional goner from there on out. So sweet…

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