Rory’s Book Club: The opposite of fate

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a writer.  I mean I can type, I can blog about who is hotter, Jess or Logan, but I’m not a storyteller.  I can tell my own story, but that is all. The voices in my head just don’t tell me about other people.  “The Opposite of Fate” by Amy Tan gave me that elusive look into the life of a writer that I had been longing for.  She calls it a “book of musings”, it’s a lot like reading the blog of a famous person who doesn’t know she is famous.  I never thought I would want to read “The Joy Luck Club”, it just seemed like such a “girly” book, but I now have a newfound respect for it, & I haven’t even read it yet.  However, I will read it.  Amy Tan is the kind of person I would be friends with if I was cooler.

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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

3 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: The opposite of fate

  1. Trish Ryan

    I love Amy Tan’s books! This one was wonderful (except for the haunting chapter about their roommate who was murdered – that image has stayed with me for two years now). You’re right. It’s always so surprising to realize that authors of her calibur don’t spend their days receiving gifts and signing autographs as they dash off page upon page of world-altering prose 🙂

    And you are plenty cool…Amy Tan would be thrilled to have you as a friend (especially now that the GG’s have been cancelled…we all need to pull closer to bridge the gap they’ll leave behind!)

  2. Brent

    Ok. So if you want to be Rory then lets make it so. My wife and I just started a literary community called which allows members to create online book clubs/discussions as well as post book reviews and news. Come by and create a Gilmore Girls book club. It is such a fun idea I am sure you could get people to jump in and participate. And yes…you can be Rory.

  3. Girl Friday

    Her memoir on writing is really just amazing. Her life is so extraordinary, but the way she writes about it is without any hubris. It’s refreshing. At the same time she takes tragedy and hasn’t let it make her a martyr. After reading it I wanted to go back and read her other books I haven’t read yet and reread the ones I have.

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