The Yearling

Remember when Lorelai chose to show “The Yearling” at the town movie festival?  Well, I had never seen it, & it has Gregory Peck in it, so I thought surely it can’t be so bad. I’m more than a little disappointed that I don’t like this movie.  It has some of the most beautiful shots of sweeping landscapes that I’ve ever seen. As far as film has come in the last 60 years, these shots still can’t be matched.  Maybe it’s because we just don’t take the time to do cool shots of landscapes anymore.  I wanted to like “The Yearling” but I’ve just been too hardened by modern movies like when you eat too much Captain Crunch & then all other food seems tasteless. Plus, I just hate it when kids seem like they are being forced to act, like their mom is on the sidelines saying that they’ll take away their puppy if they don’t cry on command. Maybe I just need to follow it up with a film by Kirk.

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