While the “Gilmore Girls” have never watched the movie “Dragonfly” to my knowledge, I still felt it belonged here.  It just seems like something they would make fun of. I think that Paris was in the opening scenes, although it was difficult to tell since she wasn’t talking or acting like Paris.  If that was her, she was actually a very good actress, not Paris like at all.  She deserves to be in a movie better than “Dragonfly”.  I couldn’t tell because this movie had the credits still flashing about 10 minutes into it.  In retrospect I don’t think a lot of these people would want their names on this movie.  I’m interested in how this was pitched to Kevin Costner, “Ok, so you are in love with your wife who is pregnant with your child & she dies, & then she comes back & haunts you & is really creepy & leaves dragonflies everywhere even though you don’t believe in an afterlife.  Plus your wife is now a little bit spooky & you are scared of her, oh & if you could cut out that whole acting thing you do so well, we’d really appreciate it.”

In short, Kevin Costner just shouldn’t be around any movie with water, like “Water World”, or “Message in a Bottle”, & definitely not “Dragonfly”.  Put him in a field & he’s great but no water.  I’d been wanting to get a piece of dragonfly jewelry as a tribute to the Dragonfly inn, but that desire is gone now, I wouldn’t want it to turn up all haunty.

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  1. Trish Ryan

    There should be a place on the IMBG (or whatever it’s called) movie database where we can write in what actors should and shouldn’t do…your Kevin Costner point is quite excellent.

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