It’s like riding a bike recap

icon This is usually the space where I write about this weeks episode.  However, there isn’t a lot to write, it’s more a feeling, so it doesn’t come across in my writing that I just spent 15 minutes sitting here not typing. Paris got into a bazillion schools & decided to be a doctor. Rory didn’t get her New York Times fellowship so hopefully she won’t go do anything rash like steal a boat.  The girls were wearing those shirts that look like pirates, except they didn’t know they looked like pirates.  Anne of Green Gables would say they were puffed sleeves.  I would say, how do you walk through doorways like that?

Lorelai went back into Luke’s Diner after 9-10 months.  After they got over the general awkwardness & went car shopping because the Jeep died, they were back.  I’m not talking relationship back, I’m talking season 1-3 sarcastic banter. It was better than when they were dating & always talking about their feelings (blech).  Lorelai was free to be herself & insist that her car had a feeling, Luke was free to be himself & do sweet things like find a new engine that can be put into Lorelai’s old car.  That never happened when they were dating, even at the best of times. I’m the biggest L&L fan out there, most of that is based off the fact that I like how they interact, but all those times I like are when they are just friends. I know it’s been fated from the beginning, & I’ve always pulled for them, but honestly, I would be just as happy if the show ended with them just sitting in the diner arguing. Maybe they are better off just as friends?  What do you think?

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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

5 thoughts on “It’s like riding a bike recap

  1. Girl Friday

    They are so back! And, call it fate or what you will, but the last time Lorelai was in Luke’s Diner–May 22–my birthday, is apparently a totally auspicious day. I think I would be happy with an open ending, as well. If we could see Lore and Luke duking it out over something silly, I’d say the series could end with a bit of dignity and perfection. I also have to say that I’m interested in seeing how Rory handles not getting what she wants. She’s always been such a golden girl, I’d like to see her with a bit more tarnish.

    Every time I watch Gilmore Girls I realize how badly I need a wrap dress.

  2. Virginia

    I think you’re right. We only saw glimpses of the witty banter when they were together. But deep down, I’m hoping that if there’s a 2nd time around, they’ll be able to meld the friendship and relationship more easily.

  3. Tim King

    I’ve tried. I really have. You’re not the only one to have said that the witty banter is back. But it isn’t. For example, this episode had only 5 pop-culture references in the dialogue, and Lorelai spoke only two of them. This is an all-time low.

    But even if this weren’t true, what really got me was how shallow Lorelai’s character was. So things were awkward between her and Luke. But what did she feel that made them awkward? And why did she feel those things? What I’ve always loved about Gilmore Girls is that there’s always many layers of depth to the entire story. It’s not just about witty banter; it’s about witty banter that shows us something about the characters.

    This was a hard realization for me to face this week, because without that depth, I found this episode unbelievably boring. I had to go so far as to begin rewriting the episode myself, to figure out what was missing.

    And since when does Lorelai watch 24, anyhow? The one Gilmore-ism worth mentioning, and it doesn’t even fit Lorelai’s personality?


  4. Sarakastic

    Tim, I wasn’t meaning they are back in a, “It’s really good like Seasons 1-3” kinda way. I was meaning, their back as in, this is one of the least sucky episodes we’ve seen in awhile, it doesn’t make me want to vomit kind of way. Rory has annoyed me for years with how self centered & not driven she is, but I still love her.

  5. Tim King

    That’s fascinating, Sara. See, I can still watch earlier episodes from season 7. They’re still different than earlier episodes, but still good IMO. This was the first one ever that I thought was really bad. Boring. Not just plain boring either. But the kind of boring that makes you want to cancel your cable subscription so you won’t have to watch it anymore. I’m actually depressed about it.

    I think I need to get a life.


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