Rory’s Book Club: “Me Talk Pretty One Day”

“Me talk pretty one day” by David Sedaris has me taking back every bad thing I ever said about short stories.  I don’t know if these are actually considered short stories, I just know that they are funny & very very good. There were no scary kids, it wasn’t a downer at all. This was my first Sedaris & I feel like I’ve been missing out all this time.  He’s even funnier than me, & I think I’m pretty funny.  In fact, he’s one of the funniest writers I have ever read. Where has he been all my life? You can not have a bad day after reading this book, I don’t care what is going on.  This book is instant happy. I must now track down all of his other books & try to find his radio program.  My only caution is to read this in a quiet place because you will laugh so hard everyone else at the library/bookstore will glare at you.

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3 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: “Me Talk Pretty One Day”

  1. Trish Ryan

    This is my favorite Sedaris book – I’m a huge fan. And you’re right – this book cannot safely be read in public unless you like drawing attention to yourself as you gasp for air.

  2. Sara

    I”m reading this right now and it is really funny, but “Holidays on Ice” is the absolute best for laughing out loud embarrasingly.

  3. Girl Friday

    I laughed so hard when I read this I spilled a whole cup of coffee all over it. And I’m a terrible friend because I returned it to the person who lent it to me all rumpled and rippled and stained. But somehow it felt fitting.

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