Anything that breaks Mariah Carey is no friend of mine

“Glitter” has been mentioned several times as one of the worst movies, both on “Gilmore Girls” & of all time. I’m a big fan of Mariah Carey, my youth was spent listening to Mariah Carey music on newfangled CD’s.  So of course, I would hate any movie that caused her to have a nervous breakdown, or was associated with that in any way.  It wasn’t a terrible movie, yes it didn’t haven’t a lot of plot & relied heavily on music.  The camera angles made me seasick.  However, that is pretty predictable for anytime you put a singer in a movie & tell her to act.  I think the reason this movie got such a bad reputation was the story of Mariah Carey’s breakdown.  Otherwise it would have just faded away into the mediocre movie hall of fame where all movies featuring popstars go to die. I would give it a solid entire pop tart, basically because people showed up to make the movie.  That is still one more pop tart than most critics would give “Glitter”.  I’m kind hearted.

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2 thoughts on “Anything that breaks Mariah Carey is no friend of mine

  1. Girl Friday

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to give Miss Mariah a hug instead of a razzie.

    Sure, Glitter was no Vision of Love, but let’s not have our Emotions get the best of us. She’s a Hero to some because she’s had a Fantasy life. But she’d be the first to say, “Honey, life can be a Heartbreaker, but You’ll Get Through the Rain if you can just Shake it Off.”


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