Hay Bale Maze Recap

Dear writers,

What’s up with naming Lane’s kids Kwan & Steve?  They should have rock & roll names.  I also don’t understand the obsession with making April seem like Rory.  You did the same thing in that awkward Season 3 episode where Jess went to his dad’s & meet his dad’s girlfriend’s daughter.  Rory was a special kid because she was unique, it makes her less special when you keep trying to replicate it over & over.  Nice job though, this episode was pretty funny & I heart Michel & Taylor. This is the first time all season that I am waiting to see next weeks episode instead of dreading it.  (It will be good to see Lorelai back at the diner).

Dear Lorelai,

You have wonderful instincts, you are right to hate Logan.  I hate Logan, & we always know that I am always right.  Don’t let him sweet talk you & tell you that he is in the same situation you were in when you left your parents house.  When  you left to set out on your own, you were not a loser, & Logan is & always will be.  You are right to be skeptical.  I really loved when you got lost in the maze, it’s been awhile since we’ve had an "Ahh Lorelai’s all alone" shot. BFF

Dear Stylists on the GG set,

I really love the comeback of the shrunken 3/4 sleeve cardigan.  I’m off to wash everything I own in hot water in hopes that it will look that I’ve been wearing the same sweater since I was seven years old.

Dear Rory,

You seemed like you were more Rory-ish this episode.  You had ambitions, you had sparkle, you made a pro con list, you weren’t completely obsessed with your boyfriend.  Welcome back. You’ve been missed. 

Dear April,

I’m glad that you like New Mexico so much, but the purpose of you moving there was so you wouldn’t be in Connecticut do try & work on that please, thanks.

Dear Paris,

At first I was disgusted as you that Logan was living in your apartment, basically free loading. However, I think you are just the person to whip him into shape.  He is definitely someone that needs more structure, a life plan, & to be yelled at, please take care of that for me.

Dear Rhode Island,

Please move closer to Connecticut so Rory can make it home for Friday night dinner & crazy town festivals, should she choose to take that job at a later date.  Love Ya!

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  1. Virginia

    Spot on observations, as usual! 🙂 I actually missed the 1st new episode back in what feels like decades. Shame on Virginia! But Television Without Pity has caught me up.

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