Rory’s Book Club: The Song of Names

If I had never started reading Rory’s book list I would have said “The Song of Names” by Norman Lebrecht was amazing & it is.  However, it is up against a lot of other amazing books on the lists, & the bell curve has to come in effect somewhere. This book is about the power of music & our obsession with the people who create it.  There were scenes that took my breath away, but they were few & far between.  The problem was mostly with me, I like a clear separation in my books, this book could’ve been part biography & part fiction.  The emotions and the love of music was dead on.  However, the people were unbelievable & out of character for everything I know humans to be.  The characters could’ve sprouted wings at the end & unexpectedly flew away & it wouldn’t have surprised me.  This book is still worth reading just for the way it describes music.  Not a bad book, it was just up against tough competition.  Somebody has to get a three toaster pastry rating.

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3 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: The Song of Names

  1. Virginia

    GAH! Everytime I try to catch up in movie watching or book reading you have another review up!! 🙂 I’ll catch up eventually, I suppose…

  2. Anne

    I think that is great that you try to read every book Rory have read, and i have noticed that in the first seasons she reads a lot of classics : madame bovary, moby dick, faulkner (bus book, i don’t know what faulkner), anna karénine (I am reading it & I love it!), jane austen… and in the last seasons, more modern books. They seem great, when i’ll want to read them after the classics, i’ll come in your site (that i keep in my favorites) and try to find them in france…

  3. Anne

    I’m sorry i didn’t come in your site lately, i have a really busy summer, and i just began my last year of high school in a new school (it made me think about Rory’s first days at chilton, and i saw againnnnnnnnnn all these episodes, which are the best, i think)

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