Rory’s Book Club: An American Tragedy

I’m usually not a fan of books over 400 pages. I can’t imagine many things that need that much explanation. Anything longer than that, make into a series. So I was skeptical when I picked up “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser. I thought, at the very least it will be good for smashing spiders. Then I read that Dreiser based the book on a notorious 1906 criminal case, in which Chester Gillette was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend in upstate New York. I didn’t know that this case was famous, but I was still intrigued.  It was a graphic description of how good boys go bad, at least in the early 1900’s. It was fascinating, I read the whole thing in two weeks.  There weren’t any tedious descriptions of rural farming in Russia in the 1800’s like Tolstoy. Dreiser used every single page. It was still 817 pages long, but as far as 800+ page books go, it was a good one. I had too much respect for “An American Tragedy” to kill any spiders with it.  Besides, I’m a little scared of spiders & am just not that brave.

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2 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: An American Tragedy

  1. Lynette

    I feel the same way about length of books. But I always chalked my fear of long books up to the fact that I’m a total math/science geek. I read Anna Karenina in my 20s because it was mentioned in the movie ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being’ – yah, I was a dork then, too. I kept thinking, well, if he could just pull out all of the tedious detail of Russian agriculture, that would be one hell of a freaking book! And it is. Just honestly, pull out the agriculture stuff. I am intrigued by the book description. But I still haven’t finished ‘Guns, Germs & Steel’ and I’ve been working that one for quite a while (my kids & work don’t really let me have much reading time). I just may have to pick up this book and work on further undumbing my book collection.

  2. Joni

    Wow, I love the modification you did. Good job! 🙂

    I should check out that book “An American Tragedy”, I’m just about to buy a new one. 🙂

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