Your inner Mrs. Kim

I know what you are thinking “Why would I want to get in touch with my inner Mrs. Kim?  I’m trying to get rid of her.”  The world needs Mrs. Kim to balance out all the happy, easy going people.  However, Mrs. Kim is always right, mostly because she has the Bible on her side, & she is just plain scary.  Cranky people always seem to live the longest.  Here are some ways to nourish your inner Mrs. Kim.

1.  The male in your life should take a backseat.  In fact, his very existence should be questioned.

2.  Khaki is your new best friend.  If all your clothes are the same color, there is no guess work in picking out a wardrobe.

3.  No. 4 may be because of the way Mrs. Kim eats.  Having severe dietary restrictions, not based on science, seems to give her a lot of joy.  Even if the food isn’t beneficial telling someone that they are eating death is just fun.  Just remember this equation, the health value in food increases exponentially in proportion to the nastiest of the food.

4.  Be so strict that even your children refer to you as “Mrs.”

Mrs. Kim makes things happen, she gets things done.  She is strong & independent, & I can’t not like anyone who coined the phrase “eggless egg salad”.



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  1. Sundance

    that is so great! i especially love the birthday part. you have such great taste! that must be why we are such great friends! 🙂

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