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The episode started out with me trying to make origami out of starburst wrappers. I love watching the Gilmores shop & it was so cute to see them making a big deal out of Rory’s first suit.  I don’t understand why Richard is so crazy.  The only thing I can think of is that he refused to get into the CW’s time machine & have his hair highlighted, so the writers are punishing him with a role that is completely uncharacteristic & annoying. So the Gilmores left all the annoyances & went on a very funny road trip to Mia’s wedding.  Emily tagged along to go to a spa & was of course whiney the whole time about missing parts of Lorelai & Rory’s lives.

The thing I really hated was Mia.  That isn’t the same person, is it?  Why base an episode around a person who you would have to hire a new actor for?  Maybe she just looked 20 years younger because she was standing next to Rory who was wearing a dress 50 years too old for her.  Maybe it was the fact that Logan showed up, & in order to make him look upset they always put too much make-up on him so his lips disappear & it makes him look like he has no teeth. Maybe the CW really does have a time machine.  Logan quit his job & apparently Rory was proud of him.  I disagree with this because if he can’t even work for his dad & not mess things up, how is he going to make things work in the real world? Lane had her babies & Luke is the godfather. Overall, very good episode, I got teary eyed at the end when all the girls were watching TV together in the motel.  I think we have all learned an important lesson here, things are much better when the boys take a backseat.

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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

5 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Only Recap

  1. Virginia

    I saw the episode on YouTube (quite handy that thing!)…I thought it was one of the best I’d seen in a long while. I didn’t like the recasting of Mia. And I agree that Rory’s dress was UG-LEE. Wonderfully funny and well-acted overall. 🙂 Now I’m curious as to how Lane’s kids will look…

  2. Raine

    I am glad that I am not the only one who hated the whole Mia thing. That definitely was NOT Mia. They shouldn’t even have gone with recasting…a different storyline perhaps would have been a better choice. Overall I think the episode was just o.k. Not anything special this time around unfortunately. Maybe season 8 will have brought back Amy Sherman-Paladino to make us all happy and if it is the last season, go out with a bang!!

  3. Tim King

    I have a feeling that Richard’s strange behavior has something to do with his heart attack. But it’s really late in the storyline to be bringing it up, unless it affects Lorelai or Rory directly or indirectly.

    No, Mia is not the same person. Not the same actress, and not the same character. In last week’s episode, Kathy Baker played Mia, whereas in season 2, Elizabeth Franz played Mia. Kathy is 9 years younger than Elizabeth.

    The thing is, I might have been able to forgive subbing a different actress for the part, if it had really been the same part! I loved it in season 2, how Mia showed such a firm but loving moral strength. I wondered why Lorelai and Rory didn’t pick up Mia’s good relationship habits.

    But the woman we met this year, showed none of that. This Mia was still nice, yes, but she was a different kind of nice. I guess I was just really looking forward to seeing Mia again, and I felt let down.

    Rory’s dress… It was way too short to be 50 years too old for her. However, it was… uh… different for her. The baggy yellow fabric and big print play well with her dark hair and slim figure. So it’s the wrong dress for Rory. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look beautiful on the right woman.

    Logan: I’m proud of him, too, for quitting. Not that quitting is the right option. But it is an acceptable option. I have a feeling Mitchum was proud, too. It doesn’t really matter whether Logan makes it work at his dad’s company, or whether he strikes out on his own. What matters is that Logan grows up. I was proud when he decided to give it a go with the Huntzberger group, because it meant he was no longer a childish frat boy. But Mitchum has not really been a good mentor… for anyone, including Logan. It seems Logan feels he must make it on his own, without the special privileges of being the head honcho’s son. That’s enough to make any dad proud.

    Logan not messing things up: Everybody makes mistakes. And everybody fails, usually multiple times, before he succeeds. The exception that proves the rule is Bill Gates. Everyone else has to make a lot of stupid mistakes before he starts getting things right. That’s why it’s important to find a supportive mentor, a third party who will give good advice but still allow you to make your own decisions.

    From what I’ve heard, I really doubt that the Palladinos will ever have anything to do with Gilmore Girls again. But I’m really looking forward to The Return of Jezebel James.

    “things are much better when the boys take a backseat”: Hey! I resemble that remark! 🙂


  4. Anne

    I am watching season 2 lately, and thinking about the very last episodes depress me! But yes, i have a very good memory of this end, Emily, Lorelai & Rory, watching the pursuit of happiness with handsome Will Smith (isn’t he, Emily?!) I have to say that i was proud of logan too. but what he did seems normal to me. Working for his dad was tough for him, and unfair considering all the brilliant people who want a job and don’t know somebody in the business. I’ve always thought that none of Rory’s boyfriend were for her. i’m not saying “good enough” (actually, yes, i am so meaning it) but just good for her, and her character. and if i like logan (or if i don’t dislike him than i do for dean or jess), it’s because he has pretty much the same wants and ambitions than Rory. I don’t really like his character, but i like the fact that he’s cultivated too, he works hard too, he has the social status that rory wants (yes, i don’t believe one second that Rory could live like she did with Lorelai. She went to a fancy school and she even said that she liked being a private school girl, she went to yale to do the same thing that the Gilmore did, she adores the status of her grandparents and lives with Logan in a amazing flat)…
    Anyway, I was glad he quit.
    And Mia, different actress! I really liked the one in season 2! I think this “season 7 Mia” doesn’t seem like a person who has been sort of a mother for Lorelai…

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