Rory’s Book Club: Metamorphosis

I’m not scared of a lot in this world, except for cats. (It’s not my fault that they are evil & I’m the only person who sees this). I was scared to read Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”. (Nice segway, I got a good dig in at cats, I should be a talk show host with those smooth transitions. Seamless, really). The “Gilmore Girls” always mention Kafka, so I took it to be something for “smart people”. The complexities of “Metamorphosis” are still being argued today. What if it’s just a book about a man who turns into a fly? If I was a writer, I would make psuedo deep novels completely at random & then laugh when people tried to attach meaning to them. I actually liked “Metamorphosis”. I didn’t understand it, but it was only 55 pages long. I can handle something I don’t understand for that long, no need for 800+ pages. I will definitely be reading Kafka again, mostly because I just like to say “I was just reading Kafka &…”

Note:  I also read this one for free online at the Gutenberg Project.

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