Farwell My Pet Recap

From the Season that brought us “Let’s make the town smell like eggs episode again but not as funny” or “Let’s do another Richard in the hospital episode but not at all heartfelt” comes the long awaited “Let’s make another animal funeral episode except everyone will be really haughty & uncharacteristic & will completely ruin the ‘Cinnamon’s Wake’ episode forever”.  It just seems like they are taking things that were once inventive & beating them beyond all recognition. Well it doesn’t seem that way, it IS that way.

Does anyone else think that Logan has been abducted & a pod person put in his place?  Just a theory I wanted to throw out there.  Rory’s new professor confuses me.  We have Logan so of course something bad is going to happen there.  Why bring in someone new when we already have Martie who was never right for her in the first place, but perfect for me? First impression, I liked the new guy, although that could just be because he reminded me a lot of Max. I don’t remember his name, but I like him.  I hope we see more of him.

Sookie was flawless in her statement of something to the effect about how Christopher is in Lorelai’s life because she’s hurting from Luuke.  I’m storing that way to advise friends with, but first I have to set them up with people named Luke & Christopher. I wasn’t hearting this episode until the end, it’s nice to finally get rid of Christopher & admit that she rushed into it, & I think they did a superb job of that.  I love Lauren Graham, I do, but she is one of the worst criers I’ve ever seen. She’s even worse than April, but I still love her.

I’m going to make this prediction right now. Plus, I’m going to announce it in a completely unnecessary sentence. As soon as Lorelai & Luke get back together & they are so close to finally just making things happen, we will see that commercial that has been remade a thousand times for next weeks episode with various clips about how Christopher is Rory’s father & the only man that can come between them.  I think Christopher is gone, but not for long, unfortunately. What were your thoughts on this episode?


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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

7 thoughts on “Farwell My Pet Recap

  1. julie carobini

    Oh, my. I totally forgot about cinammon’s wake! And that was the night Lorelai was supposed to go out with Max, huh? Now I remember… Guess the whole paw-paw funeral was just soooo different, I’d forgotten (and they were counting on that.)

    And Rory getting all giggly? What’s up with that? Sarak, don’t forget to review that book (whatever it was) that Rory got all spastic about when talking to the TA. LOL

  2. Virginia

    WHY?! Why do I always have to miss these crucial episodes?! Sigh. Well at least last night I had a good excuse…Jason took me out for a fancy dinner. I’m going to have to impose on my friend with TiVo to see what I missed. Thanks for the recap and Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  3. Jaime

    i am very happy that lorelai finally noticed that she did not belong with christopher.

    also agree that a giggly rory was very unnerving. but wow…. TA guy was very cute i thought! maybe they just want him around as more eye candy? either that or she will end up with him after the bad thing with logan happens. though i kind of wonder IF something bad will happen with logan.

  4. Trish Ryan

    You’re right about Christopher…he’ll be back. He’s like adult acne – he shouldn’t be here anymore, we’ve been through enough of him already and have earned a break, but lo and behold, there he is right there in the middle, ruining what would be a very happy picture.

  5. krista

    my comment as always is stupid, because I don’t have cable and didn’t see the episode. I will say though, the few episodes I have seen with the new writers I thought were fine. THEN I started watching the old ones (because I have them all on DVD now! YeHaw!) and it made me see that indeed, the old episodes were way wittier, way funnier, way more heartfelt. I almost cried last night watching an old GG episode (Rory was crying on Deans shoulder about being a failure at Yale, Lorelai was crying on Luke’s shoulder about needing to borrow 30 thousand dolalrs and feeling like a failure) It seems you just don’t get that emotional watching the newer episodes…

  6. Ellie

    this episode wasn’t nearly as horrible because:
    1. gigi was not a part of it — that girl canNOT act.
    2. we actually SAW Luke’s diner (i miss that place!)
    and there are more but i do wish they’d come up with more unique things. they can’t cover up wake with the word — what was it that they kept saying? anyways, it just didn’t work.

    oh well. hopefully this will all make a nice 180 degree turn and head back in the right direction!!!! of course, i’m the girl that still thinks brad might go back to jenifer so who knows?

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