“I’d rather be in Philadelphia”

Disclaimer:  To my knowledge the following scenario is completely fictional & is not to be construed as standard operating procedure for the CW.  I love it when my posts have disclaimers.

Writer 1:  “Ok, so we have Richard in the hospital with a heart attack, we need ideas here”

Writer 2:  “Alright, I’m seeing it, I’m seeing it.  How about we use this as an instance to realize how fragile life & love is & how we all need to have better relationships”

Writer 1:  “What do you think this is?  Season 3?  Wake up man.  This season is all about product placement.  Why do you think we do that recap of what everyone was wearing instead of mentioning books & gilmore-ism’s.  What we really need to focus in on is where we can fit in a great Diane Von Furstenburg jacket in here. They are in the hospital, put your thinking caps on people. So Grandpa Gilmore, I’m not seeing a lot of him this episode.  Let’s focus on Logan & some future business mistake he’s going to make.  We can sell a lot of stuff off of Logan, like hair gel & pomade.  Are the cool kids still saying pomade?  Someone check on that for me. Also, none of that touchy feely stuff like last time he was in the hospital.  Instead lets have all of the Gilmores being self absorbed & heartless.

Writer 2:  “Brilliant, but let’s also throw in a little Christopher/Luke conflict because once Luke Danes is always there & once a Christopher always a Christopher.”


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3 thoughts on ““I’d rather be in Philadelphia”

  1. Virginia

    Okay, I thought it was just me. I was waiting for the heartfelt moments…but like you said all we got were ‘Gilmores being self-absorbed and heartless’. Very bizarre. No tender bedside moments before the operation. No emotional hugging. Have you noticed Alexis Bledel is a weird hugger? She looks so awkward when she does it–and she didn’t even greet Logan that warmly. Not that I’m a fan of the Logan, but if I got my ass on a helicopter to be with you, you sure as hell better greet me like we’ve been separated for 10 years!

    The last time Richard was in the hospital (Season 1, I believe) was a much more compelling episode. Disappointing.

  2. Tim King

    Hmm… Could be.

    I’m still trying to figure out all of what I thought of the episode. It wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped.

    I would have like to see more of Lorelai’s internal struggle, as we witnessed in the Season 1 episode. At least, she paused before going into Richard’s room. I noticed that. Then inside, she was flustered and distracted. But she was already going through a lot with Christopher. And I would have liked to have seen more indication that her troubles were compounding within her. That’s good drama.

    Likewise, the Luke-Christopher conflict was shallow. They began by setting it up, but I expected this episode to be much more pivotal. Once Luke showed up at the hospital, for example, he and Lorelai could have reconciled as friends. Then Christopher could have shown up and blown up, and the whole thing between him and Lorelai could have come out. That would have changed everything. That’s drama.

    Remember the Season 2 episode, “Teach Me Tonight”? This is the episode with the car accident. I remember when I first started got into Gilmore Girls, I missed that episode. Over time, I got to watch the episodes before it and the episodes after. But this one episode was clearly a pivotal episode. It changed everything. And I kept missing it. For a long time, I didn’t get to see it. And I complained up a storm. Because I clearly had missed a key part of the story. I was even upset. Until finally Gilmore Girls reruns appeared on ABC-Family. Then I finally got to see it, and boy was I psyched.

    I thought “I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia” was going to be an episode like that. A must-see episode. The story seemed to be leading up to such an episode. I was disappointed.


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