In case of emergency

All the spoiler sites are abuzz with something that I hope is a rumor.  I’ve put off writing about this, I didn’t want to be an alarmist.  I just can’t take it any longer.  Consider this to be in case of an emergency post. Apparently Alexis Bledel wants out of “Gilmore Girls”.  So the CW is trying to hang onto the show by trying out a storyline of Luke & Lorelai having a child together.  At first I thought, I would never ever watch this.  I thought about it a bit more & I probably would watch it.  However, the CW needs to understand that it’s just going to be me & about 4 other people tuning in.  This will upset a lot of people, but I & the 4 other people will be in for the long haul.  I will still be a fan of the show if the following conditions are met:

1.  I’ve always wished that they showed more of Rory’s growing up years.  If I was in charge of the show & had to have future seasons, I would turn it into a permanent flashback, a prequel.  Luke is still on the outs with me, so he can go back to being the diner guy.  We can see who Lorelai dated, & how she got Rory to be such an amazing kid.

2.  There is a problem with the fact that kids usually don’t talk when they first come out.  All the Gilmores do is talk. The natural thing, & by the natural thing, I mean the wrong thing, would be to focus on Luke & Lorelai.  I would suggest instead focusing on the townspeople, & how Lorelai deals with Rory’s absence & how she feels about having a daughter as a plot ploy.  There are still a lot of stories to be told in Stars Hallow, so lets focus on that.

3.  I think that the show needs to stay about mothers & daughters.  We’ve all seen what happens when there is too much emphasis put on boys.  The mere fact that in the creation of the show Luke’s character was actually written to be a cranky old diner lady is what the show is all about.  It’s not about Luke, it’s about growing up & living in a family, whether that family is your biological family, or your crazy townspeople.

4.  This needs to be a serious commitment.  If it’s just going to be one more season it will be craptacular.  You have to let us have time to see this baby grow up.  I want Lorelei’s kid to be best friends with Lane’s kids.

Having said all this, I have a request, if anyone finds out whether the season is being renewed or not, will you please come & tell me as soon as you find out.  I try to keep up to date on spoilers, but I do occasionally take time out for sleeping.  I will give you a link to your blog if you have a blog, if not, I will owe you a kidney or something.

Update:  Right after I wrote this post, I read this, which basically says it’s all a rumor & Alexis & Lauren are sticking together whatever the decision may be. I now feel the way I do when I’m awoken by the fire alarm in the middle of the night because it was low on batteries.  Why does this never happen in the daytime?  I am leaving this post because it makes me feel a little more like Lauren Graham.

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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

3 thoughts on “In case of emergency

  1. Tim King

    Hi. They might also be leaving the way open for April to become part of Luke and Lorelai’s life. The chemistry between Lorelai and April, the few times there’s been an opportunity for there to be chemistry, is a lot of what I imagined the chemistry between Lorlei and Rory to be when Rory was that age.


  2. Ren

    I hate rumours especially the bad ones (lol). I think for all the doomsaying about the show, there’s still a lot that could happen. Roll on Season 8!!

  3. Girl Friday

    Whoa. I’m not too thrilled at the prospect of L/L + baby, but I’ll join you and those other four on the couch. We can throw popcorn at the screen or make a drinking game out of it. One sip of coffee every time Luke is grouchy, two sips every time Lore refers to her baby as “kid,” and chug when Luke and Lorelai kiss passionately!

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