To whom it may concern recap

One step forward:

No Aeira girls this week.  I didn’t notice them last week either.  I guess it’s a distinct possibility that I’ve just emotionally oppressed the memory of them. We did however have a great preview of Lauren Graham’s new movie “Because I said so”.  At least someone knows how to make her look like a bride.

Two steps back:

The kitchen tiles look a lot more yellow.  It just reminded me of highlighting Paris’ hair.  Plus the fact that Emily’s hair is now perfect.  I always liked her slightly frizzy hair, it was one imperfection in her character.

Muffin tops.  Do they think I’ve never seen Seinfeld?  They should at least pay homage to it, instead of just trying to pass it off as a completely new idea.  Same thing with Jackson’s failed attempt to get private male surgery, “Mad About You” already did that. Maybe next week they will recycle an old “I love Lucy” plot & they will all get a job working on a chocolate assembly line

One step forward:

Paris’ charts.  Finally, someone is trying to get Rory into gear.  It’s about time.  I love the way she did it too, as well as finally just tackling the juvenile Rory/Lucy situation.

Two steps back:

Rory still worrying about Lucy when she should be worried about her future.  What happened to the once driven girl who was trying to get into an Ivy League school?  That Rory would be much more focused & freaking out to compete with Paris.

Jackson & Lucy both had books, but they were never mentioned & there wasn’t even a decent shot to tell what they were reading.  I now have to wander through Barnes & Noble & decide which book with a silver seal on it was in the scene.

One step forward:

I actually loved Lorelai’s letter.  It was very heart felt, & we’ve heard the line about Luke always being in your life several times before in different words.  I may have gotten tears in my eyes, or I was just that happy to not see the Aeria girls.

Steps back:

Stop playing with my emotions.  I started the episode loving Chris, Lorelai, & Rory as a family.  I think they have a much better connection than trying to fit Luke into that equation.  No sooner do I decide this,then Chris leaves.

Martie & Lucy broke up.  Really?  Shocking.  Do you think now he will try to become between Rory & Logan?  Who would’ve thought?  At least he is finally available to date me.

It seems that their wpm has decreased.  I don’t clock how fast they talk, but it really seemed to drag.  Also, nothing to google this episode.

Richard Gilmores’ supposed heart attack.  Remember the episode before when he had a heart attack around Christmas time?  This was one of the best episodes of “Gilmore Girls” in my opinion.  Now it is just being used in an attempt to get Luke & Lorelai back together.

All in all, I feel like yelling at Sookie, Richard, Martie & the whole gang “Don’t give in to the plot ploy.  Don’t let yourselves be used like this. Fight it, I know you can”.  What did you think of the episode?

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7 thoughts on “To whom it may concern recap

  1. Miley

    Okay i think the whole thing about them stealing the male sugrey thing from “Mad about you” isn’t really stealing because Melissa McCarthy got pregant in real life so they had no other option…Unless took Sookie out till next season (if there even is one).
    And that line is a classic…It’s not stolen from anything show…It’s been used in tons of great Literature…you would know that if read that…You might and it just might not be used in English Lit…But it’s used alot in Italian Lit.
    Do you really know what happened to Rory? You know how you wrote that her goal was to get into an Ivy league college. She already did that!!

  2. Virginia

    Hey! Like the new look–very cute! I have yet to view the latest ep of GG…I was on a mini-vacation in Vegas and just got in last night. I have; however, read recaps and such and am anxious to see it, especially the letter from Lorelai. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ellie

    love the new look. this episode i have to say is one of the better of the new season. i personally was not fond of the whole loralei family thing. it’s not her. the whole gigi thing was a little corny. i’m glad it’s all going away.

    (i noticed the kitchen thing too.)

  4. julie carobini

    After watching this episode, I immediately popped in here sarakastic, but your site was down. I figured you were hoppin’ about the show 😉

    And I noticed the muffin tops thing too! I kept thinking, when are they going to mention Seinfeld? Good recap overall.

    One more thing: bye, bye, Christopher, bye, bye!

  5. Laura

    I know you wrote this a LONG time ago but just wanted to say I think the book that Lucy is reading is Thorton Wilder’s Our Town. Just noticed the author’s name after pausing it and looked it up. 🙂

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