Jane Austen & Seinfeld

I wonder if I will get blog-o-sphere beat up if I call Jane Austen the first “Seinfeld”. She was the master of books about nothing. Yet, I have seen every episode of “Seinfeld” I just keep watching. It’s worth a shot, Jane Austen was the first “Seinfeld”. I recently read “Sense & Sensibility”, & spent 261 pages wondering if something was wrong with me. I’m a girl. Girls like to read Jane Austen. There is just something about this romantic era that is totally unbelievable to me. Or maybe it is too believable. I have been in too many rooms where all that is discussed is men & how to get them. The story is about two sisters who are supposedly different, but seem exactly the same to me. These sisters are courted by men who are supposedly different, but seem exactly the same to me. All in all, the book could use some more ‘splosions or duels or something. However, the last 20 pages I was holding my breath, wondering how this was going to work out. After all, I do like “Seinfeld”. Ok I’ll stop typing now, let the beating up begin.

3.5 Pop Tarts


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  1. Riro

    You know, I love Jane Austen but I feel the same way about Sense and Sensibility. It just didn’t seem to have much a point. It’s like a watered-down Pride and Prejudice or something. And I have to lol at the Seinfeld comparison.

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