Rory’s Book Club: Brick Lane

“Brick Lane” by Monica Ali has the prettiest cover art I’ve ever seen.  The book was ok.  It’s a story contrasting the lives of two sisters, one in Bangladesh & one in London. The 369 pages was worth it just because of several really great quotes I got for my quote book. They are the kind of quotes that make me want to go start a relationship & then break it off abruptly just so I can use some really good break up lines. My feelings about this book were so volatile that I had to introduce a ranking.  Somehow I didn’t think that “the book was ok”, was truly getting my point across.  Especially since I love most of the books I read. Introducing the new ranking system…pop tarts. For copyright purposes I should probably call them toaster pastries.  Introducing the new ranking system…toaster pastries.  “Brick Lane” scored 3.5 out of 5 toaster pastries. They are chocolate strawberry poptarts which to my knowledge don’t exist, but the actual pop tart color looked like a band-aid. I’ll try to go back & add poptarts to all the other books from “Rory’s book club”. If anyone else has read this book I would love to hear your thoughts.

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One thought on “Rory’s Book Club: Brick Lane

  1. Trish Ryan

    Your ranking system is invaluable! Especially to readers like me who, noting that you give this book only 3.5 toaster pastries while you LOVED the memoir by the suicidal poet, makes me thing that this is 369 pages I don’t have to add to my book pile 🙂

    I have the Bell Jar on request at the library, though.

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