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I haven’t had this much fun since I found out about Dorothy Parker’s salt & pepper shaker collection. (That isn’t code, the woman actually focused on collecting salt & pepper shakers when times got rough) I’m not mocking, I just think it is interesting to find out a little bit about the women who shaped our world, whether we recognize them or not. Plus, I see them as such giants in my mind, I like to find out they are just human. I loved “The Bell Jar” so much I wanted to learn a little more about Sylvia Plath. (After all, is anyone else mentioned more on “Gilmore Girls” than Sylvia?)

1. She published her first poem when she was 8.
2. Due to the controversial relationship with her husband, her married last name “Hughes” was chiseled off her gravestone, until the grave was rendered more “tamper proof”

Wow, I really should have more than two points. I do, but I’m still reeling from reading all of this. I need to watch “Slyvia” with Gwenthy Paltrow.  See? That’s how much in awe I am, I’m writing my mental notes down.



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3 thoughts on “Sylvia Plath

  1. Jessica

    Oh sylvia….

    i just ordered season 6 of gilmore girls. i know, i know, late but i’m so excited.

    still reading the picture of dorian gray- and LOVING it.

  2. Tim King

    Well, the Godfather trilogy is mentioned more than Sylvia Plath. 🙂

    I was actually just doing Sylvia Plath Gilmore-isms. And we only have two of them. I know there’s at least one more, but my brain isn’t working this weekend, and I can’t remember what it is.

    The reason why I was working on these is that I NetFlixed Sylvia, and I was planning on watching it this afternoon. Co-inc-ee-dink, huh?


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