Rory’s Book Club: The Bell Jar

It should probably upset me that I relate so closely to the “Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath. Actually, it should probably upset everyone around me. It’s the story of one woman’s descent into madness in 1950. This is the reason they make books. It’s not a “happy” book, but it’s the kind of thing that I felt “aha” when I was done reading it. I had a greater understanding of people, “madness” & a greater love & tolerance for pretty much everyone (Except April & Anna, I am only human). (The “Bell Jar” didn’t change my tendency to write run on sentences, but it’s just a book.) Usually I love to hear people’s opinions.  However, the few times I have heard this book bashed I have been forced to scream “What the crap is wrong with you? Stop trying to be psuedo intellectual & be human for a minute”. This is one of my favorite books, not just on Rory’s booklist, but of all time. I will list this as my favorite book the next time anyone asks me because either the person will A. Read the book, which everyone should or B. Become leery of me & leave me alone thus leaving me with one less stupid person to talk to.  Either way, it’s a win-win.

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4 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: The Bell Jar

  1. Riro

    When I was 16 I asked for this for Christmas and my mum said no, and when I asked why she said “It’ll make you kill yourself.” Seriously! Maybe I should show her this so when I read it she won’t ship me off somewhere white and padded. Either way I find your review very helpful (as usual)!

  2. Trish Ryan

    I hope you’re prepared for the reaction to declaring this as your favorite book of all time…I’ve never even read it (I’ve only read Elizabeth Wurtzel’s obsessive love of it in Prozac Nation) and your post makes me want to hug you and make sure you’re in a well lit room with lots of soft surfaces…


    Seriously, though – if you say it’s fabulous, I will read it.

  3. julie carobini

    Ah, madness. It’s so unappreciated, you know?

    Well, I haven’t read this, but I do know of Plath’s “life” story. My advice would be to find a light! heartwarming! Mayberry-style! novel to read, and to, uh, steer clear of gas ovens (!)

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