How to build a bjork snowperson: a step by step tutorial

Building a snow person that looks like Bjork is not for the faint of heart.  There will be times when you can’t find any black licorice to use for eye liner. There will be times when you wonder if you are a bad aunt for changing the snowman your nephews & nieces so lovingly built.  There will be times when no one asks you what you are doing because they are just so used to your quirkiness.  There will be times when you wonder, “Maybe I’m taking things too far”.  However, if you triumph you will have recreated one of the finest moments in all of “Gilmore Girls” history.  After you decide that your nephews & nieces are now o.o.e.s.r. (out of emotional scaring range, in this case 4 hours.  I finally decided when even their grandma was excitedly clapping her hands & helping me find a wig, it was time) you will need:

1.  A Black wig.  To get the Bjork bangs you may have to cut some of the front of the wig.  (See?  It takes dedication).  My wig from Halloween already had sufficient bangs.  It also helps if the wig is choppy looking.  Buttons for eyes, & something to use for eyeliner.  I had to use yarn because real eyeliner wouldn’t work & again I was lacking the licorice.  A scarf or wrap of some sort. There are two versions of the Bjork snowman: one with “Mr. Potato Head Lips” & another with a licorice whip “stroke mouth”.  I had to use the potato lips. I used a poncho to hide the snowman shape & hide the fact that Bjorkman had no arms.

snowman supplies

2.  Next you must get rid of all the snowman features.  When you see Bjork you do not think snowman, so your Bjork shouldn’t scream snowman either.  It helps if you deliver a few karate chops around the face to give that chiseled cheekbones look.

Snowman Sculpting

3. Now it’s time to add the face. It’s all about the eyes.  The eyeliner should slant upwards.  This was my only disappointment in the Bjorkman, I never could master it with the materials I had.  For a nose, a small dab of snow works & the “Mr. Potato Head” lips.

Bjork Eyes

4.  Next it’s time for the details.  You want people to know that you put a lot of effort into making your Bjorkman.  Add sunglasses to the hair & an outfit that is not really snowperson friendly.

Finished Bjork

5.  Take a picture & Photoshop it beyond all recognition.  Sell art for millions.

Oil Painting Bjork

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3 thoughts on “How to build a bjork snowperson: a step by step tutorial

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  2. Trish Ryan

    You are a gifted snow artist (not to mention savvy with the photoshop!) On behalf of those of us who don’t have enough snow on the ground yet to make a feather for Bjork’s swan dress, we salute you!

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