Rory’s Book Club: Anne Frank

Ok, fine I’ll admit it. I cheated on Rory’s book club. The plan was to read every book, even if I’d already read it. I couldn’t read any non book list books during this time because then I would get distracted by something shiny & my plan would fall apart. The plan held until “Anne Frank: A Diary of Young Girl”. I’d read it before, & this book should really be required reading for all human kind. Maybe then they wouldn’t kill each other so much. Anyways, the plan was diverted when next to this book I saw “Anne Frank’s Tales from the Secret Annex”. I had always thought her diary was the only thing she had written. I thought this mostly because people always told me that her diary was the only thing she had written. People are silly. So I read this collection of short stories & it was amazing. Even if I just picked it up without knowing who she was, the writing stands by itself. It is truly magical, & if you haven’t read it you might want to. Next time someone tells you Anne Frank’s diary is all we have of her, clap your hands over your ears & scream “lalalala I can’t hear you”

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2 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: Anne Frank

  1. Trish Ryan

    More pearls of wisdom, more good books to read.

    This is where I confess my dilemma, hoping you’ll still love me: I haven’t seen a single Gilmore Girls episode this fall. I have a class on Tuesday nights, so I’m betting my entire obsession (and it’s considerable) on recaps, and re-runs during hiatus. Which, in practical terms, means that I have no time for books because I’m so busy analyzing Television Without Pity (trying to picture Lorelai’s expression, wondering whether her new wedding band is yellow gold or platinum, etc.). Sad. But true.

    When, exactly, will this season be out on DVD??? I may ask for Tivo for Christmas…

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