French Twist Recap

Cute Polka Dot luggage
Paris finally snipes at the other people who voted her out as editor. I always wondered why she was so ok with working with these “traitors”
The comment about the Nixon club.. I want to be ousted as something just so I can use the phrase. Maybe it would just be better to be in the general vicinity of this.
In true “Gilmore Girls” fashion they didn’t show Christopher & Lorelai’s elopement. Seems like a moment a true “Gilmore Girls” fanatic wouldn’t miss for the world, but I was just happy to not have to look at the “Perfect Dress” again.
Martie came back.
Mrs. Kim was up to her usual antics. When Kim & Zac refused to move back into her house, she moved in their house & moved Brian in with a Korean family.
If I ever have twins I will name them Marco & Polo.

Rory wasn’t at Christopher & Lorelai’s elopement.
First off, Rory’s new friends remind me a lot of the Aeria girls. It’s to the point that I am afraid to go outside, or talk to any female between the ages of 18-23.
Lorelai & Chris got married.
Martie was odd & dating a scary Aeria type girl. Martie would never do that.

Ah, also add to the con list the fact that it was set in Paris so had that weird vibe a show gets when it’s not on location.  Well actually I should add that to the con list, it’s my job. Technically there are more things on the pro list, but the con list has such heavy magnitude. What did you think of this episode of “Gilmore Girls”?


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3 thoughts on “French Twist Recap

  1. Virginia

    I cannot believe I missed the part where Mrs. Kim moves in with Lane and Zach! That is hilarious!

    Luckily we didn’t have to watch the “I do” ‘s between L & C…all their lovey-dovey madness in the restaurant was enough.

    And was it just my wishful thinking or did she look sad as we faded to black?

  2. Girl Friday

    I’m with you all the way on the recap. I can’t stand romantic Chris and Lor. Boo. And since when has Lorelai been impressed with money? Martie’s scene was so strange. The Original Martie wouldn’t have done that. I think he’s some sort of clone type Martie, a lesser Martie with low moral standards…LOL!

  3. Kaitlin

    I like Martie but he was just odd in this episode. Them eloping drove me crazy but I do think I actually laughed at one part in this episode which is really amazing. But I hate all Romantic Chris and Lor. UGH. But I did find it funny that Mrs. Kim moved in with Zach and Lane. :]

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