Rory’s Book Club: The Portable Dorothy Parker

I’m not usually a big fan of poetry. I usually just think “Why the crap do you not just say what you mean?”. So I didn’t buy “The Portable Dorothy Parker” even though it was on Rory’s book club list. Instead, I cheated & went to the library & checked out “The Collected Poetry of Dorothy Parker” which is 200 pages long. I know that the “Gilmore Girls” love Dorothy Parker.  Their production company (at least seasons 1-6) was named “Dorothy Parker Drank Here”. She has been mentioned several times in various episodes. I viewed the poetry as a punishment, & expected that it would take me several weeks to get through. I did not expect that I would read the entire thing in one sitting, wishing I had gotten the 700 page version. I also did not expect that I would then google Dorothy Parker & then e-mail my findings to everyone I knew. I so want to share some of her poems, but I don’t want to break any copyrights.  Instead I’ll just have to think of them & chuckle. This book is a must have for any Gilmore fan, or woman or human. Another great introduction made by the Gilmore Girls. (And yes I will be buying more Dorothy Parker.)


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