What’s up with “Hello Kitty”?

Blogging can be stressful. Like today I spent two hours doing “Hello Kitty” research. I know what “Hello Kitty” is. In any department store whenever I see something pink & say “that’s cute”, “Hello Kitty” is the face that is inevitably peering up at me before I say “Ohhh” all disappointed & put whatever it is down. There’s “Hello Kitty” computers, DVD players, alarm clocks, & even postcard holders, which I desperately need. That is what is missing in my life, a novelty postcard holder. So why all the hype over a floating anime cat head? The Gilmore Girls reference “Hello Kitty” all the time so it was up to me to find out what is this all about.

I was going to originally post my findings in this paragraph.  I’ve looked & looked, & I don’t have anything solid that “Hello Kitty” is besides a merchandising gimmick.  At least the “Power Rangers” are also a cartoon. What is “Hello Kitty”? I think of her as the Paris Hilton of the cartoon world, she’s everywhere but no one knows exactly why. An enigma, that’s right “Hello Kitty” is an enigma.

Check out the official site for some “Hello Kitty” games. You can match “Hello Kitty’s” bow to her outfit (I failed miserably, stupid college which provided no street skills). They even have a story generator. Oh & if you happen to know why “Hello Kitty” is so popular, do leave me a comment & let me know.


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5 thoughts on “What’s up with “Hello Kitty”?

  1. Tracie

    I definately see the Pulitzer coming with that story. Soon you will be a rich and famous author too busy for this little blog and with no time to watch tv 🙂

    When I was a kid, there was an entire store in the mall devoted to Hello Kitty stuff. At this store you could buy a plastic pencil box with Hello Kitty on it for $12 and for two dollars extra they would write your name on it with a paint pen.

    One of my favorite Gilmore quotes–“Oy with the poodles already!”

  2. Dominique

    Your post did make me laugh some-what :]
    Hello Kitty started our origionally as a child’s cartoon in Japan, and she is now on EVERYTHING because people don’t realise that when they are wearing a Hello Kitty bag, they are esentially wearing a “Po” bag. Sanrio realised that they could make a LOT of money from turning a cute cartoon aimed at the under 10’s into a fashion statement.
    As with all cartoons, if you know where to look you can dig up some pretty “interesting””… for want of a differnt word… “facts” about Hello Kitty. YToou will also find that she is in fact not just a “floating” cat’s head, but in fact she DOES have a body… but it’s TINY.
    I sadly admit that I am a Hello Kitty fan myself… and that I have WAY too much spare time. :]
    I hope this solves your problem though, and I hope that my immaturity has enlightened you a bit. :]

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