Rory’s Book Club: The Great Gatsby

One of the few romances from Rory’s booklist was “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Just because the book was romantic didn’t mean I had changed. I still put the Sara in Sarakastic.  I read the description of Gatsby buying a house next to Daisy & never speaking to her. He looked at the green light at the end of her dock, day after day, year after year, waiting for the perfect moment to reintroduce himself. As he pined away for five years I couldn’t help but think “Why doesn’t he just get on Myspace & message her”. Romance is dead I suppose. This novel could never be written now for that reason, but it did serve to make me sigh & wish the world was still like that.

This book does show the timeless human nature of always wanting what we can’t have. For this reason it is definitely worth a read. Plus it reminded me in Season 3 when Sookie met an old friend from cooking school. She found out he had liked her for 10 years but she had just married Jackson.  She & Lorelai found a sick satisfaction knowing that she was someone’s Daisy.  This is the perfect girl book. I don’t know if the CW will continue the book club, I’ve written & asked them, but time will tell. Either way, I will keep reading the books on the list.


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  1. krista

    She has a great reading list. I read this one in high school. I can hardly remember it, but I know I had to read it for grade 11 english.

    The roaring 20’s.

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