Rory’s Book Club: Pygmalion

If you’ve already seen “My Fair Lady” you must read “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw. Even if you didn’t like “My Fair Lady” (what’s wrong with you?), you should still read the play it was based on. “Pygmalion” is drastically different. Here’s just a few ways that the play differs:

1. Eliza’s dad is left a great deal of money by a rich philanthropist who likes his novel ideas. Mr. Doolittle still can’t manage to take care of Eliza because all of the money is consumed by keeping up appearances.

2. In the final scene where Higgins asks Eliza to come live with him, Eliza says no. She basically says that Higgins has treated her like dirt & she is going to marry Freddie because he is nice to her. (Way to go Eliza!!! I have always wondered why she ended up with him in “My Fair Lady”)

3. Higgins tries to bully her into it because she has nothing else to do to support herself. Eliza says she has learned more about diction & speaking from him, plus she isn’t mean to people, so she can be a teacher like he is. Basically she threatens to become his competition.

4. Freddie & Eliza marry. Freddie’s family has only been keeping up appearances, they are broke. So they move in with Higgins & Pickering. Eliza loves Pickering dearly & is quite tough on Higgins, always nagging him.

5. Eliza & Freddie need a way to support themselves so Pickering helps them set up a flower shop. They aren’t very good at it.

I don’t know what will happen to Rory’s book club since the WB has merged into the CW. Hopefully, they keep it up. Either way, I am still going to read all the books. If you have any comments about this book/movie/play please…well comment. That was redundant, I’ll do better, sorry.


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2 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: Pygmalion

  1. Trish Ryan

    I’m impressed by your reading devotion! You inspire me to start my own reading project, only I’m going to read things I think Lorelai would read. Like catalogs and books she finds left in Luke’s diner as part of one of those “lost and found” book tracking programs.

    I’m diving into “My Sister’s Keeper” on Lorelai’s behalf tonight – then she and Rori can do a whole episode on whether or not Lorelai and Christopher should reunite to create a little Rori to help out with any medical needs that might come up…

    Okay, that took a morbid turn – sorry!

  2. hena

    i read pygmalion as a part of my literature class and i deeply enjoyed it. i love Eliza’s “spunk” and her “devil-may-care” attitude. what is interesting is she took awhile to come to terms with who she was while lorelai knew this way before and before her version of higgins (emily and richard) could mould her, she runs away to become her a galatea with a sharp mind and even sharper tongue!

    i love the show and am very, very relieved to see that people are just as obsessed with all things gilmore just as i am 🙂

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