Get Well Soon

To: The Gilmore Girls
From: Sarakastic

We all make mistakes. Like when Rory yelled at her mom for something that she should have comforted her for. I could tell Alexis Bleidel didn’t really want to say those things. It’s like when Lane was sad that she was pregnant, Lane is never sad. You did make me laugh more than I’ve laughed in awhile. Plus, I thought Luke was right when he said Lorelai & him just weren’t meant to be & he should just be the guy that serves her coffee. Overall “That’s what you get for making..” wasn’t your best episode. I could tell that you weren’t feeling like yourself. We all have off days. I forgive you. Hopefully it’s just the stomach flu & not something chronic. Drink some orange juice, take a nap. Feel better soon!


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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

10 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

  1. julie carobini

    I sure hope you’re right, and that this “flu” passes quickly. Does remind me a bit like the first season, though. I liked all that drama and quasi-realism then, but not so much anymore. Maybe I’m just scared that we’re entering the en…no, I just can’t say it!

  2. Girl Friday

    I had an extensive conversation about this eppie with my coworker. We both felt something was off. The Lane story line is stupid and having Rory give sex advice was just strange. Lorelai’s Little Asia was too over the top, even for her. And you know something is wrong if even TJ didn’t get on my nerves. I can’t believe he and Liz were high points. Let’s pump our girls full of meds, stat. I don’t want to lose them.

  3. Trish Ryan

    I have to believe that our Girls are just off to a shaky start. This will get better. TJ will get more annoying, Rory will go back to awkwardly kissing Jess, and Lorelai will…well, even I can’t guess. But I can hope that things will improve out there in Star’s Hallow.

  4. julie carobini

    Last night I was watching an old episode–complements of DVD–and Lorelai was reading a book! A book, I tell you! Anyway, she was giddy over the stuff in a Motley Crue book. I hadn’t remembered this scene, and wondered what other books she reads. So my question is, do you run a Lorelai book club too?


  5. Trish Ryan

    Hey there,
    I can’t find an email so I thought I’d leave this here – you won a book on my blog as part of Buy A Friend A Book Week! (It was the Babette quote that did it…)

    Come over to the blog when you have a chance 🙂

  6. Sarakastic

    Ahh the Seasons back when Gilmore Girls didn’t suck. I remember the Motely Crue book but the only other book I can remember Lorelai reading is something by Proust that Max gave her, 7 she never finished it. Other than that, i can’t remember any other books that she has physically been reading on the show. So in honor of the Lorelai Gilmore Book Club, don’t read Proust.

  7. Tracie

    I am hoping….oh so hoping…..that Gilmore Girls will be better tomorrow. Rory giving Lane sex advice–possible the worst GG moment ever. Seriously.

  8. LaDonna

    The Lane story line is stupid. Rory not being able to talk to Logan is stupid. I’m tired of drama and angst just for its own sake. I’m really disappointed with this show this season.

  9. Kaitlin

    This episode dissapointed me. The Loin fruit part made me laugh some. I also found the Lane story line stupid. The Asia thing was a little over the top but at least they watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s which I love. And the part with TJ was good. TJ was a high point for this episode, It just felt like it was bringing back good memories. I am so sick of the drama, I want funny stuff back. How terrible to be without my old Gilmore Girls.

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