Rory’s Book Club Review: “The Sun Also Rises”

(Disclaimer: I compare Gilmore Girls & Hemingway. It’s not a degradation to Hemingway, it’s a compliment from me, you’ve been warned.) “The Sun Also Rises” was my next stop on Rory’s book club list. This is considered Ernest Hemingway’s first novel. It’s the story of American expatriates in Europe in the 1920’s.

Want even more reason to read it? It is also the story of friends who love each other & can never be more, & how the world taunts them for it. I can imagine Rory reading this when Jess is being Jess. If you take the main characters from this book & reverse them, you basically have Rory & Jess. The interesting thing is that the only reason Brett & Jake stay friends is because they can never be in love/marry. This keeps the intrigue & emotion there when otherwise they would have just dated for a few weeks, broken up with each other, & moved on. They stay in love because they can’t have each other. It’s the perfect book to read if you are frustrated with the state of any relationship in your life, because you will be left feeling ok at least it isn’t THAT bad.

The only time had I read Hemingway was in the 8th grade “Old Man & the Sea”. The fishing story just didn’t capture my 12 year old girl imagination. I was pretty much bored out of my mind. I was expecting more of that, & was just taking one for the team by reading this. This book was easy to read, engaging, funny, & I fell in love with one of the supporting characters named Michael. Hopefully, he will marry me.

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  1. Trish Ryan

    I never considered this, but you’re right – I think a tale of impossible love would inspire most eigth graders far more than the whole fish thing. This could be the missing link that restores the American educational system!!!

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