“The Long Marrow” Season 7 Gilmore Girls Premiere

Minute 2: Oh it’s the “Gilmore Girls” & they are so pretty.

Minute 7: When Paris says how not clarifying the relationship between Rory & Logan worked so well last time, I wonder why she doesn’t say something like, “It worked so well for Sylvia Plath”, or someone else I don’t know about.

Minute 9: Mild panic attack, what if this is the end of an era? What if I’m not going to have anything to google after this episode. What if “Gilmore Girls” becomes about relationships & has a “plot” & “story line” & “main characters”. Is the Amy Sherman Palladino Era Over?

Minute 23: It’s over. I’ve done everything right. I’ve eaten my ritual disgusting food combinations that should never be put together in celebration of the Gilmore steel stomachs (this evening was a bbq sandwich with a side of “Screaming Sours” jolly ranchers) but it just isn’t the same. Even though I laughed, found a new favorite word that isn’t a word, & have 3 very solid new quotes it just isn’t the same. These are just Gilmore pod people.

Minute 37: Look at clock. I have an extreme talent for knowing to the exact second how much “Gilmore Girls” I have left. I think wow, only 37 minutes, I would’ve thought more like 48.

Minute 38: Whoa, crashing things are cool. (Kirk crashed Taylor’s car into the front of Luke’s Diner, but that’s besides the point, crashes are cool.)

Minute 42:  Lorelai is riding her house of everything Luke.  There is a long list of books I have never heard of.  I scream google excitedly.

Minute 46: I didn’t know about that episode of “The Twilight Zone”. That is sweet. Do not make me start liking Logan now. Ohh why did I eat sour jolly ranchers & bbq, am I stupid?

Minute 55: Luke comes & asks Lorelai to elope with him.  I stop counting minutes mesmerized.  I reserve my judgment until later, but I think the show is going to be ok.

Aftermath:  I am now worried that Luke will leave town & never come back.  I know that won’t happen, but in real life it would. If there really was a Luke & his relationship failed & his diner got wrecked.. he would leave. Yes he’s a jerk, but I’ve cared about him for going on the 7th year.  What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Gilmore Girls”.  Any panic attacks? Please note: All times are approximate what do you think I am, a freak?

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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

10 thoughts on ““The Long Marrow” Season 7 Gilmore Girls Premiere

  1. Girl Friday

    OMG. I knew I could count on you to ask all the tough questions. I too was in a panic about the lack of obscure references. Cormac McCarthy–I’ve actually read his work and therefore feel a bit more on par with GG, but that is just too weird! Lorelai was so stoic about the breakup and Luke just about broke my heart at the end. Unintentionally I was eating strange foods–tuna and crackers with a Diet Coke and a Red Vine licorice “straw.” Very classy and mature! Speaking of…where were Richard and Emily???!

  2. Trish Ryan

    I missed last night – I had a late meeting, there was not enough gross food in the house, and (I’ll admit it) I was too scared to watch. Kind of like logging on to ESPN.com during the Olympics to see who won in figure skating before the 8pm air time, I needed to digest some of the early feedback before I dared push play on the Tivo. Thanks for giving me hope that season 7 might be okay!

  3. julie carobini

    The writers are definitely in a corner. The overall feel was off, I think. Did anyone else notice that Taylor’s hair was too long? Yep, had an extra flip in the back that would’ve never flown in previous episodes. Really distracting–LOL. Luke’s desperation at the end did break my heart, though. Wow.

  4. Sarakastic

    I did notice Taylor’s too long hair. He looked like a balding girl. This is why we don’t usually have bald girls. I take that back, a balding girl would have had more sense than to wear that. What I didn’t notice was there supposed to be a homage to a favorite Gilmore Girls quote. I don’ tknow what the favorite would be, how would you choose?

  5. Sundance

    I was excited and apprehensive. I like the Logan and Rory thing. Who knew rockets were romantic?! And Loralei had every right to feel the way she did. People should never take for granted the ones that mean the most yet far too often that is exactly what happens. The aftermath is always messy. Regrets always devestating. I guess sometimes you just need to sleep with Christopher. For the love of Gigi, please don’t let this show suck!!

  6. Kim

    Just found your site and I love it! Was it just me, or did Lor not seem upset enough about breaking up with Luke? He is the love of her life and she had about as much emotion as if she had lost a pair of shoes!!!

  7. Sarakastic

    I predict a Lorelai meltdown coming but that is only because I read spoilers. I read that the change was partly because Lauren Graham was given more control of her character which maybe wasn’t a good choice. Time will tell. Remember how stoic she was in the last episode of last season, the way she kept staring at everything? Maybe that hasn’t worn off yet. I think about these people way too much.

  8. Fay Hardy

    I am really disappointed in Lorelai’s acting abilities when it comes to disappointment and lost. She chose to lose Luke, but there should have been some emotional disappointment for her. She acted like it was no big deal. I read that her and Luke off the screen do not get along, I would hate to think that she is so unproffessional and such a bad actress that she can’t get through that for the scenes between them. She is such an offhand type of character in this show anyway. With all that she suppose to have accomplished, she still makes very bad choices. Like sleeping with Christopher everytime she loses out on another guy. Where is all that coming from? I sure hope they don’t throw her back marrying Christopher etc. It doesn’t make sense. Twenty years ago she gets pregnant he doesn’t show responsibility through all those years. All of a sudden he is making some money and the writers think this is a good idea for them to fall in love again all over. Luke has always been there for her, and yes, he should have shared more with her with his daughter but there has to be room here for understanding him and his daughter that he never knew he had. Father hood is brand new for Luke and he just didn’t want to screw it up. He made some bad choices, but so hasn’t Loreli. Sort of a fifty fifty thing here between them, I’d say.
    Bring them back together again. I hope this separation isn’t forever. It’s always been Luke and Loreli.

  9. Fay Hardy

    Lauren Graham is just getting into herself to much. Everything I read about her is how she doesn’t like Luke in real life so of course she doesn’t want her character Lorelai ending up with him. Sort of a “so there” type response to him. I think she has “her” more on her mind than she does the show. To bad because for six seasons I really liked her character and thought she did a good job of it. I was disappointed in her acting ability of the break up with Luke. She did a lousy job portraying a girl who was hurt and losing the man supposedly she loved so much. I think the show needs to take away the added control they have given her over her character. I have seen her in some movies, she is not a good actress, and the movies were not a success, but she has portrayed Lorelai on television very well.

  10. Kaitlin

    I just bought this season on DVD because I hadent seen it before because I dident have the channel. But after watching it, it dissapointed me so much. It just seemed that the acting was odd. There was not very many funny parts although the Raquetball scene was funny. The whole Twilight Zone thing was so sweet and I dont even really like Logan but this made me like him a little bit more. Luke showing up was so sweet and it almost made me cry. Seriously this episode totally dissapointed me. Is the reason why the episodes seem so strange because Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino(I think is her husbands name) dident write any or direct any of the episodes on this season? I think so

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