Gilmore Season 7 Predictions & Wishes

Tomorrow is the first episode of season 7 of Gilmore Girls, otherwise known as the most important day of my year. I’m trying to squelch my excitement like a little kid before Christmas. I have a few wishes/predictions for the upcoming season & the show in general. These aren’t based on anything besides my obsessive watching of the show. These are not spoilers; just my hopes & dreams.

1. I hope Logan goes bye bye & Rory gets back together with Martie. Martie was the only guy I’ve liked for Rory, maybe she’ll start liking him too. If not, I’ll take him.

2. When the show does end, I hope they use the final script that Amy Sherman Palladino supposedly left behind. She deserves that much.  She hinted that she always had the show ending with 4 words.  Any guesses as to what this would be?

3. If Luke & Lorelai ever get married, I hope its under the chuppah that Luke built for her & Max. It was pretty. I do however hope Lorelai ditches that catastrophe of a “perfect dress”. I was glad that they called off the wedding just so I didn’t have to see that thing again. Ouch my eyes, my eyes!

4.  When the show ends, I hope that it is not centered on boys & that it is about mother & daughter.  That is what has made this show special.  I would be perfectly happy with Rory getting on a plane & saying goodbye to her mother, off to become the new CNN foreign correspondent.

5.  I hope we do not see the return of Jess, Dean, or Tristan.

So what are your predictions/dreams for Gilmore Girls Season 7?  Leave a comment & let me know.

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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

5 thoughts on “Gilmore Season 7 Predictions & Wishes

  1. Trish Ryan

    I’m with you on no more Logan…and please, spare us that awful wedding dress. If Lorelai can’t make it look good, then it’s just ugly!

    But Martie? A character named after one of the Dixie Chicks??? I can’t imagine that’s the best Yale has to offer Rory. I see Rory having a fling with a professor this season, and (I think we talked about this before) the whole Jess-Lorelai thing would be quite a twist. Not that I WANT it to happen…it just might.

  2. Paris

    I hope Logan and Rory get married, they are good together… Also hope Lorelai and Chris marry!

    ~Alaska :O)

  3. cayli

    I hope that Christopher will go back to where he came from. Come on everyone, you know that Luke and Lorelai are PERFECT for each other!!!!!!!!! We can loose the faith of the relationship. All teh people who used to be for the L&L relationship are now all for Christopher. You’ve got to remember the past and all the time Luke and Lorelai have been there for each other.
    Also, I like Logan, he was kinda weird in the beginning but he’s better than the other boys! Im also suspicious about Rory’s 2 new friends.

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