Rory’s Book Club Review: Beloved

In Junior High I never sat at the cool table, and with this review I won’t be sitting at the the literary cool table. Oprah hearted this book enough to make a movie out of it. She described it as giving birth, and then everyone says  something like “Your baby is ugly”. Well Oprah, hate to break it to you, but it is true. I really didn’t like “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. You know when you don’ t like something and you can’t really explain why? That’s how I feel about this book, so obviously the natural thing is for me to write a review about it :p I understand that books need to delve into darker issues, I appreciate this. It wasn’t the subject matter that I didn’t like, it was the portrayal of a dead child as a bitter selfish being that I felt was unrealistic, cruel, and just hard to get behind. In all fairness, I will try reading Toni Morrison again. How did you feel about “Beloved”? Share your thoughts here. Feel free to share your comments with us, as I further my unofficial quest to become a Gilmore Girl. Read like a Gilmore, Become a Gilmore, pass it on.


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