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There is some debate whether this will be the last season of Gilmore Girls. It doesn’t really matter to me because I obsessively watch past season’s DVD’s so I will always have the Gilmore Girls. However, I think they need to pull a “Mary Tyler Moore Show” spin-off extravaganza. From Mary Tyler Moore, we got the Rhoda Show and the Betty White show among others. If you had to choose a Gilmore Girls character for a spin off show which one would it be?

Mrs. Kim: New V.J. on MTV

Kirk: A remodeling show where he single handily has to build a house in a week by himself.

Paris: West Wing-esque show with Paris as President.

Leave a Comment and let me know what your spin off idea is.  I’d copyright these but I’m hoping someone will steal them and make them into a show.


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I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I moved to a small town that reminded me of Stars Hollow. I've subconsciously had my haircut to look like Lorelai. Gilmore Girls is my life, I just have to find Luke. (Well, I didn't have a kid when I was 16, but other than that...)

One thought on “Gilmore Girls Spin Off

  1. Girl Friday

    Like I said, I get bored at work, so here I am…

    I think I’d totally watch a Paris spin-off because she cracks me up. I also think you’ve got something there with Mrs. Kim and family. She was a great road manager for Lane’s band. I’d Tivo their cooky version of The Partridge Family!

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