Which Gilmore Girl are you Personality Quiz Free!

If you were a Gilmore Girl, which one would you be? Are you the perfectionist that Emily is, or do you have the free spirit of Lane? Take the absolutely free personality quiz,

  1. At a party you are...

  2. Fashion wise you can't live without your

  3. You prefer guys who are...

  4. You are best described as...

  5. During a breakup you...

”Which Gilmore Girl are You?”. The quiz says that I am a Rory. Actually, I’m more of a female version of Michele the insipid Frenchman, but I guess I have a little Rory in me. Leave a comment and let me know how accurate the quiz is, and which Gilmore Girl you should really be and why.

27 thoughts on “Which Gilmore Girl are you Personality Quiz Free!

  1. Trish Ryan

    I’m Rory. Which isn’t bad news, although I like to think of myself as edgy and carefree like Lorelei (you know, as I have my nose in a book). Not really any bad options here πŸ™‚

  2. Liz

    The quiz says that I am most like Lorelai. I think this is quite acurate but I don’t have the whole pop culture refrence thing down. I do believe with a few more old movies and some music I will the Lorelai 2!!!!! Loreli is definatly my favorite charecter on the show. I love he life and I want to be close with my daughter, but I don’t think I could handle getting pregnany at 16. I mean thats kind of young!!!

  3. Jacqueline

    It said that I am Lorelai!! This makes me happy, cuz I love Lauren Graham and Lorelai is my favorite Character! Your quiz is very accurate.

  4. Alanna

    Is the quiz still around? I’ve tried all of the links on this site and can’t get any to work. I LOVE the Gilmore Girls. I came to it only a few months ago and wish I was Rory. I’ve started studying more cause of that show and reading heaps again. I love that show – it shows being a bookworm is Ok. Yea!

    I’d love to do the quiz….

  5. Lorelei

    Sorry if they aren’t working for you I really need to start making quizzes again. You know quizzes that actually work.

  6. Paris

    Im lorelai! The quiz is really accurate, as im loud, carefree and a party goer! Gosh, i hope i dont have a baby at 16!

  7. Alissa

    If you look at the title of my site you would think I would have expected to be a Sookie, but I always saw myself as more of a Rory!! I am still obsessed with this show, and want to go live on the set.

    I love your website btw!!

  8. bekah

    im a Lorelai!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy, i was hoping i would be her. after discovering this show, i now realize tha ti want to be her, except for the whole gettting pregnant and not going to college thing. but i love her style, i love coffee, and plus i want to work at a hotel/inn. so WOOHOO!!!

  9. Almost girl

    I’m a Rory. I think that that is very accurate because I try to pride my myself in being like her. I’ m quiet and I love to read and I worrie and am anxious all the time( that part is not very much like rory) and I would rather curl up with a book than party like in season 4 at Yale.

  10. Ari

    The quiz says i’m Lorelai, which is surprising but somehow true.
    Love this website so much and thank god you made this list of movies, music, books and TV shows! I’ve been looking for this for sooo damn long!

  11. Kat

    Oh cool, I’m Lorelai. I thought I was going to be Rory to be honest, but Lorelai is so awesome. This site is what I have been looking for forever ohmygod.

  12. Bk

    Cool! I’m Lorelai. But its clear that I’m not as ready wit as her! I wish I could be !

  13. Bren

    I don’t know if anyone is still around here. I just came across this totally by coincidence. I was a kid when this tv serie was on tv. My mum used to watch it sometimes and I just loved the relationship mother-daughter Lorelai and Rory had. Last year I excitingly started Rory Gilmore’s Reading Challenge and when I joined Netflix I re-watch (didn’t watch all episodes/seasons) from the beginning. I was looking for Lorelai’s movie list when I ended up here. By the way, I took the quiz and I’m Rory, which makes me happy because I relate to her in many ways. Sooo… If anyone wants to talk about the series or meet, like making our own Stars Hollow around here, leave a comment. I’ll definitely be back! πŸ™‚

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