Gilmore Girl Jewelry: Rory

Rory’s jewelry style combines the funkiness of Lorelai with the properness of Emily, the way she bridges all other gaps between the two. We’ve watched Rory grow up on the show, and through the years her hair clothes and accessories have changed. To truly become Rory Gilmore you will need:

1. Silver choker: Keep this a simple sterling silver choker with either black or red beads. Rory wears very dainty delicate necklaces that are very plain. Use a necklace as opposed to a pendant and chain.


2. Delicate dangle earrings. Try a change from the large bohemian chandelier earrings that are in style. Use a delicate sterling silver earring that is barely noticeable to add a feeling of femininity like these tanzanite and white gold earrings.


3. Maybe it’s just because I always picture Alexis Bledel as our generations’ Audrey Hepburn, but I always picture Rory in a tiara when she is dressed up. Granted this isn’t a look for the grocery store, but for special occasions, a tiara can distinguish you from all the other women who are wearing black dresses. Plus they are just fun to wear, I wear one to do household tasks when I don’t feel like vacuuming. Keep the tiara small so it looks like it could be real and that you didn’t steal it from a Beauty Queen. The tiara should be so small it almost loooks like a comb.icon

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