Gilmore Girls: Loralai’s Jewelry Style

There are certain constants in life: taxes, death and if you diss the “Gilmore Girls” I will be forced to a duel. It is summertime, so there are no new episodes, meaning I have withdrawals. I try to talk, act, look and even read like a Gilmore.  I tried to eat like a Gilmore Girl”for awhile, but that was met with dire consequences.  (For those who don’t watch the show, the Gilmore Girls eat A LOT) (For those who don’t watch the show, watch Gilmore Girls). For Lorelei’s jewelry style you will need:

1.Scarves: Ok so it isn’t jewelry, but you will need several. You can wear them with coats, or just sweaters. Lorelei chooses pinks or teals, anything that compliments her skin tone. Yes, it’s summertime, but that makes it a great time to pick up scarves at bargain prices. For summer, you can try a light weight silk scarf. This designer Dolce & Gabbana silk scarf is only $37.99 marked down from $200. It has ruffles, like Lorelei often wears.


2. Murano Glass: Lorelei wears a lot of funky jewelry. A great way to copy this is to wear Murano glass, you get vivid color that looks expensive, and one of a kind jewelry. Murano glass is special because we don’t really know how it is made, and only a few people are capable of creating this. This piece is only $19.99 and even comes with a sterling silver chain.


3. Large Rings: For Lorelei’s look, make a statement with a large ring.  These stackable rings are perfect, they are unique because they are handmade by artisans in Peru. You get all four of them for only $45.05.  Try wearing rings on different fingers like the middle or pinky finger.


Lorelei’s style is very rockstar. At the same time she is balancing the business world, so she looks very current without looking silly. Use a lot of sterling silver and color.  Use bigger pieces of jewelry, and layer them.  Copying the Gilmore Girl’s jewelry style might help the withdrawals.

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